Not NaNoWriMo

November was so fast and busy I forgot to hate myself for another year that I did not get to join NaNoWriMo. I’ve known NaNoWriMo since 2008, so I’ve been procrastinating 11 years and counting. What’s NaNoWriMo? Just Google it.

Just to give a little respite for the drought that this blog is experiencing, I’m going to post some of my works. These works are part of the book that I’ll never get to write. I’m not that good and I don’t think I have the right discipline to finish one. LOL. I’ve made these works with apps like Mirakee and Notegraphy. Sadly, Notegraphy is already down. The oldest of these works were written in 2013, I think.

Here they go:

My favorite.
I could still remember what prompted me to write this.
2015 me.
Do you think about me too?
I wrote something in Tagalog too.
This was inspired by my friend, PH haha
What feelings?
This contain some of my favorite words. 
Wrote this for a writing challenge in Mirakee

So there. These are some of the works that I wanted to share at this moment. Feel free to leave comments!


Do we just randomly meet people or does fate play a hand on all these?

Most of our moments were ephemeral. It was wrong of me to think that they could last forever. What does even ‘forever’ means?

Not because your smile is embedded in my mind, I will see more of it. I still can recall the warmth of your hand as it held mine. In quiet moments, I would hear your voice. And, sometimes, at the depths of moonless nights, I can feel your embrace.

Our time was too quick. Like a fire of a match.

Remember that time when…no, not that. Or that other moment when…hmmm, not that also. Do you remember our moments? Or am I the only one who’s holding on to them? Am I the only one who gave meaning to those things? Will there be a smile on your lips when you reminisce our time together or a question in your eyes? Would my name make you feel something or none at all? Do you still think of me?

Ours was ephemeral. I am going to forget.

Milky Way
Some moments are just too fast.






Note: Yaaaaas. I’ve been wanting to write something about this picture! Hope you liked this short fictiony-musing. Please do leave comments! ❤

The Moon and The Sun

He was searching for the moon. The only light in his dark nights. He yearns for the moon in times that it doesn’t show up in the sky. He misses the moon. He waits for the day to end so that he can look up at the moon. Beautiful and oh so mysterious. In his loneliest times, all he wants is to talk to the moon. Sharing his secrets, showing his tears. I envy the moon. For, whatever I can change, I can’t be like the moon.

I am like the sun. Too bright, most of the time. Too sunny that others search for shade. I am like the sun who fights the clouds so I can be seen. I shine hotly after any storm. I fight the storms on my own and end up victorious. I am too much, sometimes. I am the sun that cradles the earth all day long. I am the sun that shares the skies even with the moon. Eclipsed by the moon. Disregarded by some, under-appreciated by most. I am the sun but he was searching for the moon.

I can never be the moon. I can never be his moon. All I can be is the sun. All I can be is his sun. Watching him achieve things at day. Cheering when his dreams at night become real at days. Chasing away the clouds that threaten his perfect days. Dying slowly and not all at once because he still needs me. Shining always. Shining. Fucking shining. So, the moon can light his way at night.

“Do not swear by the moon, for she changes constantly. then your love would also change.”
Only the brightest stars can be seen when the moon is up.


RIFT stands for Random Insightful Friday Thoughts. But, really, I don’t think this is insightful at all. Lol! This is just random ramblings on a Friday night. So many things happened this week. Also, Mercury is in retrograde!

Anyway, what I wanted to say tonight was that I never thought I will be in this position. That the things happening now will ever happen after all the things I’ve been through. I feel, up until now, that I don’t even deserve half of the good things that are happening. And that is why I am so humbled and thankful for all of these things. It is just weird that slowly, but surely, I am nearing my dreams. Dreams that seemed too distant and impossible years back. Who would have thought, right? Not me. I am the first to doubt my abilities and my luck. BUT HERE I AM! 

I was able to get here by fighting little battles every day and, occasionally, monsters. It was not a smooth drive. Life never offered any free rides. Lol. To say that this is a wild roller coaster ride is an understatement. How to survive? You have to fight to survive each day. Some days are sunny but some days have the worst storms you have to weather out. There are days where you grieve, where you feel so sad and all you can do is to just cry it out. You survive by bearing the pain and waiting for it to subside. Take a rest when everything is too much to bear. Ask help, you could always use one. You don’t need to go through things alone. Remember to breathe. Remember that the best things cannot be rushed. Remember that those good things may take some time. Waiting for them to happen is preparation. Prepare yourself so when your dreams are up for grab you can take care of them and won’t fail at the end. Go to them ready. 

People take different paths in life. You don’t need to compare your journey with others. You have a unique story that the rest of the world will envy. So keep the faith and work accordingly for your dreams. Again, choose to fight every day. Our dreams might seem impossible now but who knows, right? We might get there someday.

Carry on, Dreamer. Go and inherit the world. 

What are your wishes and dreams that seem impossible now?


Mr. Sandman’s Secret

I hate dreaming about him. Those dreams are all too real that, sometimes, I feel they are real memories of the past. I hate that I can freely touch his hands and caress his face while I sleep. There was this dream that we were among friends and it was so natural it hurts. If our choices in the past were different then maybe these dreams could be our reality. If I just didn’t let those doubts messed up with what I felt. And if he just waited or pushed a little more. But they are all just wishful thinking because our “what ifs” can never be real. They are only perfect in our heads but, I bet, they wouldn’t go the way we think they would.

In one of my dreams, we were enjoying this long drive to somewhere. Our favorite band is playing on the radio, I hit up the volume. Street lights were dancing while he drives around that sleepy town. And I kept on interchanging my looks, at the window and at his face. One time we were at a cafe. Funny, we were talking about dreams. He was holding a lit cigarette which is weird because he doesn’t smoke in real life. Another dream placed us in a sort of sanctuary or church-like building. We were readying ourselves for a zombie attack. And I hate that I remember those dreams when I wake up.

I hate waking up after dreaming of him. Those dreams make me feel things I can’t exactly define. They make me want things I don’t want or of things I denied to myself. They make me feel emotions that I don’t have the capacity for handling. They make me write down words better left unwritten. Catching those words and emotions back. Not wanting them to exist after the dream is over. They wouldn’t survive the real world. They will just wreak havoc in this peaceful world I made. I want to forget them so bad but some nights they would creep slowly. Flashes of scenes in a dream and silhouettes of faces I know that is him. Let me forget, Mr. Sandman.

Keep this a secret. Keep my dreams a secret. Dreams that I haven’t told anybody else. Dreams that I can’t ever think of again. Dreams of too much intimacy of intertwined fingers and finding salvation in embraces. Of dreams where I didn’t leave and where you chose to follow. Dreams that break the heart too much after opening my eyes. No one can know them, Mr. Sandman. I can’t have your dust on my sleeves.


Tokyo Travel 2018: Miscellaneous

Aside from those pretty sights in Tokyo, what should you be in the lookout for? Here are some random things we did in Tokyo. Maybe a thing or two may interest you!

The Statue of Liberty in Odaiba? Talk about random!

Be in the lookout for MANHOLES! Manholes? Yup, you read it right. Japan has the prettiest manhole covers I’ve ever seen. Each place has its own unique designs.

One in front of the Imperial Palace

Japan’s major transportation is not its trains. It’s WALKING! I think that’s why most of them look fit. LOL! Any major travel is not complete without those 18,000 daily average steps, right? How to take a break without missing any fun to be had in Tokyo? KARAOKE! Oh Japan, even your karaoke is on another level! I find it cheaper compared to karaokes in the Philippines. Prices are per individual not per room. Plus, rates include unlimited access to drinks and soups available.

Song book whaaaat?
Belt it out, Abi!
Disney songs are a must!

Shopping or just roaming around Daiso and DonQui really does build up an appetite. After purchasing those quirky and cheap finds there, it’s time to eat. Best place to end your day? Try out a “family restaurant” like Saizeriya. These western restos are called “family restaurant” in Japan. Make sure to try their suggested mixed drinks (non-alcoholic if you want) at the soda bar. Yeay for unlimited drinks! If you still have some space in your tummy, then visit a cafe!

It was worth the wait! LOL. They had a hard time sitting us eight people!
Random cafe in Shibuya! ❤

Just do random stuff! Not everything on your itinerary should be strictly followed. If a random opportunity presents itself, then why not give it a try. Take a picture perfect (reality altering) selfie from those “purikura” machines. Going to Tokyo Tower and have some money to spare? Support a friend and buy that One Piece Tower ticket just for fun! Still looking for random activities? Odaiba is the perfect place! One of my personal favorites is that Retro Arcade place. Games I could play and all those nostalgias! Then roam around the malls of Odaiba and look for quirky novelties and mystery boxes. The fun never ends in Tokyo!

Purikura addicts!!! We’re so kawaii~
We look so weird!
one piece
One Piece Tokyo Tower is an indoor theme park with lots of fun rooms and games!
one pieace a
Support your friend’s dream. LOL!
Retro Arcade at Odaiba
Pinball + The Simpsons ❤ ❤ ❤
Oh college memories of playing this game on DS! LOL!
Weird undies and there are a lot of designs to choose from!
Old Tokyo Museum at a mall in Odaiba
Hello, hello, hello Ciara!

How about you, dear readers? What places and random things have you gone to lately? Indeed, there is beauty in randomness. 

An Unsent Letter

They say goodbyes are hard but non-goodbyes are harder. It is like drifting to the unknown. Waiting for someone, anyone, to pull the trigger. To fire the first shot. But no one wants the other one to bleed, so they endure a kind of purgatory. It is awkward. So much awkward. Very awkward. Our choices were reduced to faking that we’re okay with what we have. But are we? Sometimes, I feel sorry. Sorry for what we have become. Sorry for the consequences but less sorry for what I did. Is it wrong? Yes. Was it completely wrong? I don’t know. It was our thing…then. It wouldn’t be anymore. We can’t go back to what we were anymore. That would be so fake that it will pollute the air around us. Wrapping our lungs with regrets, what ifs, and anger. I don’t want anger. Not from you and not for you.

The pieces fell but not in the way I thought they would. The wave came but it drowned us instead of pushing us in the right direction. We didn’t take the leap that faith was wanting us to do. We are cowards. Slaves to our comforts. Complacency, along with a hundred more, is our sin. What worked will still work, right? Yes. Hopefully. Because if a thing change, even just a pea-sized change happened, it will be disastrous. Haven’t it occurred already though? Things changed already. Our habits discontinued because they seem wrong now. That even civility could be misconstrued. Where do we stand now, then?

At the edge of an ending. Do we have to say goodbye? No, not really. For now, I only hope for peace. That we are at peace of who we’ve become after all those things. Not just of that day or of a week but of the years spent. I want us to accept who we are…separately. We can’t leave a place we haven’t reached yet. We are leaving the road. Trying other options of that forked road we passed by. Later, it could be much later, we might even grow some balls and be able to talk about this. About our non-goodbye. For now…what do we do now? Let me state this unsent letter and may the wind bring this to you.


Sorry. ‘Til later, much later.

Much much later.


Travel Advisory: Don’t Go to Tokyo!

This is a warning. Don’t go to Tokyo!!! Aside from the possibility of a Godzilla attack, why shouldn’t you visit Tokyo? Well….simply because Tokyo WILL RUIN EVERYTHING for you! Let this be a warning.

Can you spot Godzilla in the skyscrapers of Shibuya?
  1. Tokyo will ruin every city for you. It will ruin your standard of cleanliness and efficiency. Have you seen the streets of Tokyo? During our stay, there were rainy nights but no trash could be seen floating around. Even a single piece of a candy wrapper. What sorcery is this? Discipline, simple discipline. Then the trains! Their train system just boggles the mind. From the airport to the city and all our days in Tokyo, their trains just saves the day! It was so efficient. Partner it with your Google Maps, viola, it would be hard to get lost in Tokyo.
Random street near our hostel
Sugamo at night
A lovely night for a stroll
The clean streets of Akihabara
  1. Tokyo will ruin sushi and ramen for you. Or any food you’ll eat in Tokyo, actually! That sushi place at Shinjuku was to die for, plus it was cheap. Sushi in Japan is just so different from sushi in other places. The fish is so fresh and it just melts in your mouth. Next, ramen. I’m not a big fan of ramen here in the Philippines but ramen in Japan is entirely another thing. The taste is nothing I’ve tasted before. Don’t let me get started with Matsuya! Our favorite fast food chain. There’s one right beside our hostel so we have our breakfast there almost every day. Mos burger was also different. Even a simple macha ice cream from Asakusa was superb! Haha. How can that be? It’s the magic of Tokyo.
That so-affordable sushi place in Shibuya is HEAVEN!
RAMEN!!! You’ll hate ramen in the Philippines after tasting it there. LOL!
From the Takoyaki ‘museum’ at Odaiba
mos burger
You can never go wrong with a MOS burger
MATSUYA FOREVER! I fell in love with this chain so much!!!
matcha icecream
Beat the heat with this Matcha Ice Cream at Asakusa Sensonji
Yougart! But, really, anything from 7/11 is a gem!
  1. Tokyo will ruin Disneyland for you. DisneySea is so much fun and very different. In my opinion, it is really for adults with nostalgic hearts. Rides were more extreme than you usual Space Mountain. You should definitely experience this place. Still the happiest place on Earth! Pro-tip, maximize your fast tracks. Locate them and time your rides. Also, don’t forget to get a taste of their tiramisu ice cream bar. Yum!
Wanna be part of that world?
Looking for a genie to grant my wishes!
Don’t miss this out when you go there!
Our Tokyo Mom and Dad, Abi and Thomas.
  1. Tokyo will ruin your hostel experience. Our hostel was the best. Well, I may be biased since I haven’t tried other hostels but oh well…haha! We have our common area which was so eclectic that everything seems to fit one another. There are tables, chairs, fridge, microwave, and even a washing machine. Our room was spacious enough that all of us are able to fit our luggage. Our beds were set up like a capsule hotel. I thought I’ll be claustrophobic but our own spaces were spacious too. Amazing! Also, the bathroom is shared but it is always clean! Everything is just so clean and there is always free beer in the fridge. LOL!
One of the corners of the common room.
Sooooo in love with this hostel!!!
  1. Tokyo will ruin your definition of space. Space. Space. I NEED SPACE. Luckily, they have space. Imagine a bustling metropolis with a lot of space? Is this possible? YES! Almost all area in Tokyo has its garden of sorts. They are not just plain gardens but really enormous ones where you can spend an hour or two just walking around. I wish we have space like this in the Philippines.
Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
My fave spot of the garden! MUST. COME. BACK. HERE.
Sunny day at Tokyo Imperial Palace
Taking a break from all that walking! Haha! 
Wishes at Meiji Shrine!
tokyo tower
Hello there, Tokyo Tower! 🙂
  1. Tokyo will ruin your level of FAITH. It wasn’t a smooth ride going to Tokyo, well figuratively. With one of the weakest passports, we need so many documents just to apply for a Japanese visa. And this without any guarantee. Fortunately, we got approved only three days after we passed our docs. Thanks, Reli Tours. We were also lucky with our airline tickets because we got it cheap. Aaah, the perks of being an abanger of promo fares. LOL! Days before our trip, there was a nasty storm that hit Japan, especially the Kansai area. Then, when we were there, an earthquake and landslide happened in the upper part of Japan. Favored a lot, we were all dry and safe during our whole Tokyo trip. We had the most wonderful time in Tokyo and all thanks to Papa G. Thank YOU, indeed. Like I always say, travel is my form of church and every travel I make strengthens my faith.
When a perfect moment comes unexpectedly
Sunny weather despite a rainy forecast!
Thank you Papa G for giving me a friend like Abi (libreng tour guide, char)!

So, really. DON’T GO TO TOKYO! What? You still want to? Really? Fine! But don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Happy Hong Kong Tales Part 2

As promised, here is the second part of my Hong Kong blog. What did we do and how did we do it?

First, the tickets! We were able to buy during a Seat Sale of Cebu Pacific Airlines. We bought the tickets around October and our flight was on June the next year. We got them for only less than 5k! After buying the ticket, we realized that we got so much time to plan out our trip. So to “save” money or to feel like we’re saving money, we decided to buy other things in separate months. Because of this, we did not felt our expenses at all!

Happy faces while waiting for boarding! 🙂

Second, the accommodations! It was going to be my fourth time already and my last time was fairly recent. I choose where we are going to stay. We stayed at Dragon Hostel (Sincere Guest House) which is just near Mong Kok Station. This is where we stayed last time and the location is very good. I highly recommend this area! It is just near Ladies Market and Langham Place. It is the perfect area for people who wants to shop for cheap shoes and gadgets. We booked this area around March already. We got it for less than 1k per person per night. I bet you could get it cheaper if you can book earlier!

DSCF0036 (2)
Happy Lianne because we keep on booking cheap! LOL 

Third, the attractions and activities! Where to buy? Klook, of course. We first bought HK Disneyland tickets. If you’re familiar with Klook, it best to remember that after your first purchase they usually send you discount vouchers for activities in the same area. Next, we bought Peak Tram tickets. Then we bought Lantau Island day tour. Lastly, we bought sim cards from Klook using the points I’ve earned from my last travel. Others would suggest that you buy an Octopus card but we didn’t because MTR tickets are very easy to buy from each station and the lines are very easy to navigate.

DSCF0137 (2)
Happiest kids at the happiest place on Earth! Disneyland!!!
Slinky! Did you noticed our shirts? 😉
Ngong Pin 360! Best way to view Hong Kong.
Clear skies. Majestic gates.
Still wasn’t able to reach the top. I still have a good view though.

Last, the final itinerary! Because of flight changes by our airlines, our trip got extended and our flight hours were more convenient. Pro-tip number one, check-in online! This will save you time and lines for web check-in are usually shorter. Pro-tip number two, the internet is your friend. Check out blogs to finalize your itinerary. Plan out your trips but be flexible, things would not always go as planned. Since we would arrive at lunch, we scheduled the Peak Tram on our first day because we could still fit it in and it is not an exhausting activity. Disneyland was for the next day because we know that we’re gonna be rested enough to enjoy it the whole day. Third day is for Lantau Island. Fourth day is just for random roaming around the city. Fifth day, was our flight back to Manila. Every night we were able to go the market and shop a little. Because our activities were already paid for, all the money we brought was spent on food, transpo, and shopping. I didn’t brought a lot of money because I have no plans on shopping. If you’re planning on making “tipid” more, then bring food! “Mag-baon” ka. There’s no harm in making “tipid”.

Victoria Harbour
Random pictures. Structures. Following Ciara. LOL!
Find focal points. Pieces of art around the city.

While planning this, I’ve realized something. As a traveler, my priorities changed. In the past, it’s more about finding the cheapest promos of fares and activities. It’s also more about doing 100 things at a time. Now, I’ve realized that comfort has a price and that I’m more than willing to spend for it. Also, I’ve learned that phasing is important. Quality and not quantity. My body and energy can’t keep up anymore if I’ll plan 100 things at a time. I need to strategically limit the activities that I want to do. And that’s totally fine. I don’t need to do everything in one go. Positively thinking, we can always go back! But it’s a different rule for “pasalubongs” to oneself. LOL. If you saw something that you want, don’t deny yourself too much. It’s okay to splurge! Budgeting differs when you’re on a trip.

Food trip is a must in every travel!
Down times or relaxing moments are important to have.

Ultimate pro-tip, don’t forget to enjoy. Breathe. Chill. Explore. Do what you went there for! Think positively, don’t invite negatives vibes. Speak only positive things. Declare positive situations regardless of what you may hear. Fill your thoughts of positive outcomes. Take time to feel your surroundings. Be thankful. Feel the favor upon you. Be grateful. Appreciate even the smallest things. Enjoy!

Happiness is a choice. Always choose it.

Vivo X21 is an eyecatcher at the Mobile Fest 2018

Global smartphone brand Vivo has made a good impression on tech enthusiasts at the SM Cyberzone’s Mobile Fest 2018.

To explain all the goods on Vivo’s latest flagship smartphone—the X21, the brand tapped respected tech experts Mark Macanas of TechPinas and Alora Uy Guerrero of Revu.

The experts discussed Vivo X21’s unlocking technologies, dual rear camera, AI Selfie Camera, AI Game Mode, Hi-Fi, performance, and design.

Photo 1
Alora Uy Guerrero of Revu and Mark Macanas of TechPinas had nothing but praises for Vivo X21.

Macanas and Guerrero mentioned that there are two ways to unlock the Vivo X21, through the Face ID Access with Infrared that accurately identifies a user’s facial features even in nighttime and the In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology that replaces the rear fingerprint sensor. Vivo is the industry pioneer of In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology.

Aside from pioneering features, the pair also talked about Vivo X21’s photography-related specs. The 12 megapixel+5MP dual rear camera and the 12MP front camera with Dual Pixel Sensor. These impressive hardware specs are even boosted by the X21’s AI features like the AI Face Beauty and AI HDR.

In terms of performance, the Vivo X21 proved to be a hard worker, said Macanas and Guerrero. After all, the X21 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660AIE chip that can process complex AI and neural computing. It has a 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM to improve the speed of launching, loading, and switching including large and complex mobile games.

To complement all these, Vivo X21 has a 6.28-inch 19:9 FHD+ FullView™ Display with a 90.3% screen-to-body ratio for every user’s viewing pleasure.

Moreover, Guerrero, a music-lover, even praised Vivo for continuing its Hi-Fi legacy in the X21. The smartphone is equipped with Deep Field technology, which was developed by Vivo to provide panoramic surround, mega bass, clear voice effects and various environmental audio effects, allowing users to customize their audio experience.

Photo 3
The Vivo booth at the Mobile Fest 2018.
Photo 2
Vivo is one of the key brands that participated in the Mobile Fest 2018.

About Vivo

A global smartphone brand focused on introducing perfect sound quality and ultimate photography with cutting-edge technology, Vivo develops innovative and stylish products for young people. We now have over two hundred million users and are one of the preferred brands of young people around the world. As an Official Sponsor of the FIFA World Cup™, Vivo believes in the importance of encouraging young people to embrace self-expression and an energetic lifestyle.  In the Philippines, Vivo is the top 3 smartphone brand in terms of market share with 1.5 million users nationwide.

For inquiries about Vivo, visit the Vivo website at or check out their Facebook (, Instagram (, and Twitter ( accounts.