Love Month: Day 1

Oh dear Lord, is it really February already? And we all know what this means right? Yes, how astute you are dear reader if you know that this is the Love Month. It’s that month whether you love humanity or you just simply can’t stand it. Ahh, it’s the month for looooOooveee.

Alas dear reader this is also the month that bugs are so prevalent in every corner of the world. These bugs, no matter how much bug spray you use, wouldn’t die so easily. Be wary of these bugs reader for they don’t bite you in bed they bite you directly into your hearts. Ahh, the mystery of love bugs.

These bugs could either bring you so much happiness or so much pain. I hope, dear reader, that you will experience the former. I guess you could achieve that IF both of you were bitten. And the latter is achieved when YOU are the only one bitten. Ahh, the joys and pains of one-sided love.

Get ready for these bugs people! They won’t stop until they have bitten every marriage-able people on earth. Be armed with endless smiles and captivating charms! Get ready to fall in love in this month of love readers. Get ready for everything for these bugs are nothing if not tenacious.

Hello Love Month, we are so ready for you…


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