Love Month: Day 2

Hmmm… I just realised that it is a leap year. One extra day for this year. What are you gonna do with it? With whom you are going to spend it? It’s a lovely thought, right? One extra day in your life for this year.

Day 2 in the love month and guess what! My lovely love life stays, sadly, the same…. Zero. I guess it’s not that easy to find love, whether true or lust, these days. How do you attract the opposite sex readers? Tell me. I do believe that you have the answers for me.

I guess I’ll be spending this valentine’s season with friends that are also single. But hey! There’s always next year to spend it with your true love. But then again why wait for next year when you can spend next month with the one you’re in love with. My wish (yes, upon a star) is that you reader and me will have a blast this coming valentine’s day regardless with who we are that day. My second wish is that sooner rather than later, we find ourselves in the arms of a person we are so in love with. That must be nice dear reader?

What’s your plan this upcoming valentine’s day dear reader?


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