Love Month: Day 8

Oh ok so I missed so many days… So sue me! Hello Day 8 of the love month and I’m finding you, abnormally, peaceful. Although, I’m not sure if that is good or bad. Hello there.

These past few days I find myself hoarding books. I have this incessant fear of going out of books to read. Well, if you know me you can say that I’m a bit of an escapist and I escape through books. I guess I’m hoarding books these past few days because I’m a little bit sad. Depressed more likely (if you’re on the emo side). So earlier, on my way to a bookstore, I told myself to stop. Not to stop reading… But to stop escaping my sadness through them. It’s time to face the music.

I smell Change in the air. It’s coming and I don’t have any powers to stop it. If I can, I won’t. I’ve been waiting for Change for quite some time now. I welcome Change. Hello Change, it’s me… the girl who looks stoically wrong in your presence.


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