Ending Love Month

Few days ago, for some weird reason, I made my finger bled. As I reflect on my finger during the night, it reminded me of Sleeping Beauty. Ah dear reader, how lucky is that girl? In this year can we be sleeping beauties? Can we be as lucky as her? Can prince charming kiss us without us pricking our fingers?

How lucky is Sleeping Beauty? Well she’s lucky because all she needed to do was sleep. Nowadays only few can afford to do that. Not sleep literally… I mean, there’s only few out there that needs not to exert any effort to catch a prince. It seems everyone’s busy applying their make up on and buying the latest fashions. Then when all the props were on them they need now fake smiles, poor pick up lines, and over used body language. Can girls just relax?

I don’t think that the world is thinning on its supply of prince charmings. So chill. Just apply the tiniest make up, put on your most comfortable clothes, and speak in the language of human… And all, then, will fall into the right place. Sometimes, men act like toads instead of prince charmings because women act like plastic barbies instead of real princesses. Be a princess! That’s your identity, a princess…

Dear reader, how time flies… Love month, it seems, is ending so near.


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