Wearing My Red Flat Shoes

Last Wednesday was the first day of enrolment at University of the Philippines Diliman. Ah, dear reader… I never had any idea that it would be like that. Well, first and foremost, I want to announce and congratulate myself on my admission to their Masters in International Studies program (UN here I come). That’s my reason for being at UP that day. The memoirs of Bonaparte, Gen. McArthur, and Private Ryan have nothing compared to the horrors of that day…

Ok, maybe that’s a little bit exaggerated reader but I wasn’t prepared for anything like that. In my past experiences of enrolment all of them are smooth sailing and hassle free. Good thing that I wore my red flat shoes. I’m so grateful in that decision because I felt that I walked all day round. I walked, walked, walked and walked. Oh, and did I mentioned the heat?

Anyway, putting aside my woes and sufferings I can still say that I had a blessed day. Well, first, I was able to finished my enrolment. Starting from zero enlisted subjects to having 9 units then there’s the bloody path of validation, assessment, and payment. All of that torture in just one day! Second, I made new friends. This might be the best part of the day. I truly enjoyed eating lunch with them and I acknowledge that without them I wouldn’t be able to complete my enrolment or worse I’ll end up crying in a corner looking very much defeated with the school’s system.

With this kind of situation, referring to the enrolment, you need to be always positive. Think positive and that’s what going to happen. Second, be prepared. Have water and music at hand. Third, wear flats ladies. Lastly, make new friends. Smile and everything will follow…


One thought on “Wearing My Red Flat Shoes

  1. I’m so happy for you D! Excited for your new adventures and friends! Good luck! Missing you with lots of love too!


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