When The Clock Strikes 12

big ben at midnight

We all have those moments, don’t we? Moments we wish would never end but, alas, the clock strikes at midnight.

We all felt like Cinderella in one way or another. May it be during your birthday, a rockin’ party, a concert, or even at a ball. It seems that time flies without notice and it flies so fast. Next thing we knew we need to go home before we turn back into a pumpkin! Lol. But, seriously, this sucks big time…

There was one moment in my woe begotten life wherein I experienced this Cinderella night. Oh well, nothing serious like losing a glass slipper (imagine the horror of that!). Anyway, here’s how the story goes…

Once upon a time in a far far far away place lived Cinderella (this is me) wherein she was being slaved by her Step Mother (my Id)  and Step Sisters (my sense of responsibility) by making her review her notes in Philosophy because she’s going to have a major test in the following morrow. Then suddenly, news of a ball that is going to be held at The Palace (the School) circulated. Good thing Cinderella had a Fairy Godmother (or in this case, a very well-connected housemate) that gave her an invitation to the ball sans the pumpkin, mice, a pretty ball gown and the most coveted glass slipper. Off they went to the ball! Then there he was, Prince Charming (my crush, eeep!). One of the king’s men introduced Cinderella to The Prince, they even took a picture together for it was an advanced time that this Cinderella lived. How charming was the night for this young Cinderella, making castles in the air, doodling Mr. and Mrs. Prince Charming on her palms, and naming their future kids… But, Cukoo! Cukoo!, the clock strikes at midnight (it was a cheap clock dear reader) and Cinderella went home…

How I wish I could have spent a little more time with my crush that night dear reader! But all good things come to an end. Too bad I wasn’t really Cinderella and I have no glass slippers during those days. But then again, he’s not exactly Prince Charming… 

What’s your Cinderella story dear reader?


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