Oh hello there dear reader! Yup, I’m still alive. And what great news I have. Are you ready? Here it is…

It’s SEPTEMBER!!! This means that it’s already the bermonths.

Here in my lovely country, the Philippines, we celebrate Christmas longer than the usual. We start in september and end around january. So, now that it’s already september I have now an excuse to not skip the Christmas songs on my playlist. I can now jingle all the way! Oh what fun dear reader.

Last August I was attempting to post more but, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to because of various reasons. I hope that I can post more this month. I hope this month brings more positivity in my life. I hope this month greater things will happen. I hope this month is super different from the last. I hope… Hope keeps us alive.

So there. Bermonths. Ahhh dear reader, let’s start heating up our hot chocolates and bringing out our favorite novels. What’s the special thing about bermonths for you?


And oh, let me be the one to greet you first a Merry Christmas!


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