Travel Advisory: Don’t Go to Tokyo!

This is a warning. Don’t go to Tokyo!!! Aside from the possibility of a Godzilla attack, why shouldn’t you visit Tokyo? Well….simply because Tokyo WILL RUIN EVERYTHING for you! Let this be a warning.

Can you spot Godzilla in the skyscrapers of Shibuya?
  1. Tokyo will ruin every city for you. It will ruin your standard of cleanliness and efficiency. Have you seen the streets of Tokyo? During our stay, there were rainy nights but no trash could be seen floating around. Even a single piece of a candy wrapper. What sorcery is this? Discipline, simple discipline. Then the trains! Their train system just boggles the mind. From the airport to the city and all our days in Tokyo, their trains just saves the day! It was so efficient. Partner it with your Google Maps, viola, it would be hard to get lost in Tokyo.
Random street near our hostel
Sugamo at night
A lovely night for a stroll
The clean streets of Akihabara
  1. Tokyo will ruin sushi and ramen for you. Or any food you’ll eat in Tokyo, actually! That sushi place at Shinjuku was to die for, plus it was cheap. Sushi in Japan is just so different from sushi in other places. The fish is so fresh and it just melts in your mouth. Next, ramen. I’m not a big fan of ramen here in the Philippines but ramen in Japan is entirely another thing. The taste is nothing I’ve tasted before. Don’t let me get started with Matsuya! Our favorite fast food chain. There’s one right beside our hostel so we have our breakfast there almost every day. Mos burger was also different. Even a simple macha ice cream from Asakusa was superb! Haha. How can that be? It’s the magic of Tokyo.
That so-affordable sushi place in Shibuya is HEAVEN!
RAMEN!!! You’ll hate ramen in the Philippines after tasting it there. LOL!
From the Takoyaki ‘museum’ at Odaiba
mos burger
You can never go wrong with a MOS burger
MATSUYA FOREVER! I fell in love with this chain so much!!!
matcha icecream
Beat the heat with this Matcha Ice Cream at Asakusa Sensonji
Yougart! But, really, anything from 7/11 is a gem!
  1. Tokyo will ruin Disneyland for you. DisneySea is so much fun and very different. In my opinion, it is really for adults with nostalgic hearts. Rides were more extreme than you usual Space Mountain. You should definitely experience this place. Still the happiest place on Earth! Pro-tip, maximize your fast tracks. Locate them and time your rides. Also, don’t forget to get a taste of their tiramisu ice cream bar. Yum!
Wanna be part of that world?
Looking for a genie to grant my wishes!
Don’t miss this out when you go there!
Our Tokyo Mom and Dad, Abi and Thomas.
  1. Tokyo will ruin your hostel experience. Our hostel was the best. Well, I may be biased since I haven’t tried other hostels but oh well…haha! We have our common area which was so eclectic that everything seems to fit one another. There are tables, chairs, fridge, microwave, and even a washing machine. Our room was spacious enough that all of us are able to fit our luggage. Our beds were set up like a capsule hotel. I thought I’ll be claustrophobic but our own spaces were spacious too. Amazing! Also, the bathroom is shared but it is always clean! Everything is just so clean and there is always free beer in the fridge. LOL!
One of the corners of the common room.
Sooooo in love with this hostel!!!
  1. Tokyo will ruin your definition of space. Space. Space. I NEED SPACE. Luckily, they have space. Imagine a bustling metropolis with a lot of space? Is this possible? YES! Almost all area in Tokyo has its garden of sorts. They are not just plain gardens but really enormous ones where you can spend an hour or two just walking around. I wish we have space like this in the Philippines.
Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
My fave spot of the garden! MUST. COME. BACK. HERE.
Sunny day at Tokyo Imperial Palace
Taking a break from all that walking! Haha! 
Wishes at Meiji Shrine!
tokyo tower
Hello there, Tokyo Tower! 🙂
  1. Tokyo will ruin your level of FAITH. It wasn’t a smooth ride going to Tokyo, well figuratively. With one of the weakest passports, we need so many documents just to apply for a Japanese visa. And this without any guarantee. Fortunately, we got approved only three days after we passed our docs. Thanks, Reli Tours. We were also lucky with our airline tickets because we got it cheap. Aaah, the perks of being an abanger of promo fares. LOL! Days before our trip, there was a nasty storm that hit Japan, especially the Kansai area. Then, when we were there, an earthquake and landslide happened in the upper part of Japan. Favored a lot, we were all dry and safe during our whole Tokyo trip. We had the most wonderful time in Tokyo and all thanks to Papa G. Thank YOU, indeed. Like I always say, travel is my form of church and every travel I make strengthens my faith.
When a perfect moment comes unexpectedly
Sunny weather despite a rainy forecast!
Thank you Papa G for giving me a friend like Abi (libreng tour guide, char)!

So, really. DON’T GO TO TOKYO! What? You still want to? Really? Fine! But don’t say I didn’t warn you!


4 thoughts on “Travel Advisory: Don’t Go to Tokyo!

  1. INAH ♥

    OMG. This post made me so hungry. Hungry for Japan and Japanese food! I really want to visit Japan and stay there for maybe two weeks. Praying it would all come true soon! ❤

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