Tokyo Travel 2018: Miscellaneous

Aside from those pretty sights in Tokyo, what should you be in the lookout for? Here are some random things we did in Tokyo. Maybe a thing or two may interest you!

The Statue of Liberty in Odaiba? Talk about random!

Be in the lookout for MANHOLES! Manholes? Yup, you read it right. Japan has the prettiest manhole covers I’ve ever seen. Each place has its own unique designs.

One in front of the Imperial Palace

Japan’s major transportation is not its trains. It’s WALKING! I think that’s why most of them look fit. LOL! Any major travel is not complete without those 18,000 daily average steps, right? How to take a break without missing any fun to be had in Tokyo? KARAOKE! Oh Japan, even your karaoke is on another level! I find it cheaper compared to karaokes in the Philippines. Prices are per individual not per room. Plus, rates include unlimited access to drinks and soups available.

Song book whaaaat?
Belt it out, Abi!
Disney songs are a must!

Shopping or just roaming around Daiso and DonQui really does build up an appetite. After purchasing those quirky and cheap finds there, it’s time to eat. Best place to end your day? Try out a “family restaurant” like Saizeriya. These western restos are called “family restaurant” in Japan. Make sure to try their suggested mixed drinks (non-alcoholic if you want) at the soda bar. Yeay for unlimited drinks! If you still have some space in your tummy, then visit a cafe!

It was worth the wait! LOL. They had a hard time sitting us eight people!
Random cafe in Shibuya! ❤

Just do random stuff! Not everything on your itinerary should be strictly followed. If a random opportunity presents itself, then why not give it a try. Take a picture perfect (reality altering) selfie from those “purikura” machines. Going to Tokyo Tower and have some money to spare? Support a friend and buy that One Piece Tower ticket just for fun! Still looking for random activities? Odaiba is the perfect place! One of my personal favorites is that Retro Arcade place. Games I could play and all those nostalgias! Then roam around the malls of Odaiba and look for quirky novelties and mystery boxes. The fun never ends in Tokyo!

Purikura addicts!!! We’re so kawaii~
We look so weird!
one piece
One Piece Tokyo Tower is an indoor theme park with lots of fun rooms and games!
one pieace a
Support your friend’s dream. LOL!
Retro Arcade at Odaiba
Pinball + The Simpsons ❤ ❤ ❤
Oh college memories of playing this game on DS! LOL!
Weird undies and there are a lot of designs to choose from!
Old Tokyo Museum at a mall in Odaiba
Hello, hello, hello Ciara!

How about you, dear readers? What places and random things have you gone to lately? Indeed, there is beauty in randomness. 


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