Do we just randomly meet people or does fate play a hand on all these?

Most of our moments were ephemeral. It was wrong of me to think that they could last forever. What does even ‘forever’ means?

Not because your smile is embedded in my mind, I will see more of it. I still can recall the warmth of your hand as it held mine. In quiet moments, I would hear your voice. And, sometimes, at the depths of moonless nights, I can feel your embrace.

Our time was too quick. Like a fire of a match.

Remember that time when…no, not that. Or that other moment when…hmmm, not that also. Do you remember our moments? Or am I the only one who’s holding on to them? Am I the only one who gave meaning to those things? Will there be a smile on your lips when you reminisce our time together or a question in your eyes? Would my name make you feel something or none at all? Do you still think of me?

Ours was ephemeral. I am going to forget.

Milky Way
Some moments are just too fast.






Note: Yaaaaas. I’ve been wanting to write something about this picture! Hope you liked this short fictiony-musing. Please do leave comments! ❤

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