Tips and Tales on Travelling

I just came from the beautiful land of Cebu, Philippines! I had a blast with my friends and all of it within my budget. It seems that it is our last hoorah for the summer. Cebu is very historical and that’s why it is essential to visit historical places here, the most famous is Magelan’s Cross at Cebu City. The original cross though is now encased within the wood but this place is really a must-see spot. You can’t say you’ve gone to Cebu without going here. There are lots of places to see at Cebu such as the Fort San Pedro, Yap-San Diego ancestral house, Casa de Gorrordo, and temples like the Taoist Temple at Beverly Hills! The list can go on and on. Also, don’t limit yourself with Cebu City for Mactan is just a short bridge away! Mactan is famous for the Lapu-lapu shrine wherein the cheapest pasalubong can be bought. Mactan also boasts beautiful and cheap resorts, the ocean is really blue! If you’re feeling to splurge then go and enjoy Plantation Bay for only 2000php. Like any pinoy culinary you will not find any fault with Cebu’s dishes. If you’re on a budget just opt to eat Aa’s Barbecue, they have lots of branches in Cebu and Mactan. Be on the budget but don’t forget to indulge yourself with Lechon Cebu. The lechon there is not only sumptuous but it is relatively cheap, the best out there is CnT. This tour is really another experience for me since we made the tour ourselves. Lastly, I enjoyed my 2nd trip to Cebu because I’m with new friends that are really positive and beautiful…

1. Buy your tickets early! Wait for promo fares. Despite the recent news about flights getting delayed and all the hassles our flights are all on time. Maybe, a big factor here is that it isn’t the peak season anymore. Don’t hesitate on getting a trip to Cebu after May (summer), Cebu have longer summer days so expect it to be sunny there even if it’s gloomy somewhere else.
2. Look for promos for your hotels. Of course, hotels that are nearer to the airport and malls are more expensive than others. The hotel we stayed in might not be five star but it is more than acceptable (hot shower, tv, free wifi, clean beds). Search for Alba Uno.
3. Rent a van! It might not be cost-effective but it’s surely time-effective. We rented the van for 8am to 4pm. The driver such knows the places where tourists should go plus if he doesn’t he can contact his colleagues. Also, it is very comfortable. In the long run I think we save money from renting a van instead of riding taxis after every destinations!
4. Utilise the front desk! Hotel receptionist do knows a lot. They’re locals for God’s sake! Ask away and they have loooots of suggestions to give.
5. Research before the trip. There are lots of site there that can help you with you diy tour.
6. Be alert and enjoy! Nothing can ruin a trip more than having bad experiences along the way. Be cautious, especially with pick-pockets. Lastly, enjoy! It’s a vacation! Forget about your worries and smile a lot!

There you go dear reader. Live your life to the fullest!