Favorite Father

Deducing from the title, this is a post-father’s day post (a late post). By default, my favourite father is my father since he’s my only father. Why the title? Nothing. If you haven’t notice before well… I love using alliteration for my titles, thus, the title. 

2010, Hong Kong Disneyland

Back in my teenage-angsty day I didn’t appreciate my father the way he should be appreciated.  Fortunately,  now I know how blessed I am for having him as my father. He’s simply the best! He’s a good provider, first and foremost. In our family, he is the organized one, the systematic one. He’s the one that puts us in order when everything seems chaotic. What I like about him most is his sense of humor!  He usually make people laugh with his one liner side comments. Thanks to him I am able to achieve so many things. Thanks to God that he showed me how my Papa loves me. Despite the distance,  since he’s working abroad,  I am now assured with his love. I thank God that He gave me a “new” heart and because of that I have the luxury of time to tell Papa that I love him, everyday, and mean it.

Happy late Father’s Day Papa! Can’t wait for you to go home… take care and I love you.


When March is Still Love Month

This is month is actually more of my love month rather than the last one. I learned many things about love this month. Not just about the love that we see in the movies or read in books but about real and the right love. Something about that kind of love is.

Real love follows

… it is also obedient. Real love also knows no limits and it forgives. Real love is selflessness.

Another thing about March that made it my love month is that, me together with my friends were able to attend RnR 2013 by Destiny Church Manila. That’s Romance and Rhythm! It is very lovely indeed. Also, this is also the month wherein two of my favorite people celebrated their birthday! Their birthdays made me streched my heart plus I can say that I was able to do things for their birthdays that I haven’t done before.

March made me realize that I love what I’m doing. I love studying! I love my courses this semester and that’s why I’m happily taking up my masteral’s degree.

I love studying but I also do appreciate breaks! Haha. Which leads me to a new love that I found. I lost a love this month (I found out that my celebrity crush is gay) but I also found a new (relatively) one. He is none other than Ed Westwick! Haha. I know, I know… but because of the movie I saw it made me appreciate him more since he was able to use his lovely sexy Brit accent!

New love!

Since we’re talking about goodbyes and hellos let’s say goodbye to my long affair with curls and say hello to my new lovely summer hair. Yeay for us!

Hello shorter hair

March is really lovely. However, saying goodbye to an old love is not that easy but it is possible. Sometimes we tend to hold on to the wrong kind of love. Most of the time it is because we cannot forgive ourselves and therefore we think that the only kind of love that we deserve is the wrong one. That’s wrong though. All of us deserve the real and the right kind of love. They say that time heals all wounds. False.

Time cannot heal wounds

Wounds are healed when we learn how to accept and to forgive…

So dear reader choose to love this month! Love others and love yourself!

I am so excited for the upcoming months! I get kilig and so excited just thinking that there are more months for 2013! Haha. Remember dear reader, just love.

I love you! 🙂

Top Ten Things

Since the world didn’t end here in this part of this world I have the time to post things like those Top Ten thingy.

They are not actually ten dear readers. I just want to list some random things. Here it goes:

1. I was able to go to Disneyland!
2. I lived in two different cities.
3. Enrolled in two different school in the same semester.
4. One of those is my language class, I’m learning Spanish again. Muy bien!
5. Got a new Samsung Galaxy Note. Yeay for generous parents!
6. Got my left ear pierced, 2 piercings, upper side and middle. I would want to add some more or get a tattoo.
7. Dropped a subject/course/class for the first time in my academic life.
8. Resigned from work.
9. Pursued my graduate degree! Oh God, let me finish it.
10. Didn’t get a haircut!!! Wow.
11. Buy and read books that I wanted. I also got some great books as gifts for my birthday.
12. Experienced a very nasty “habagat” here in the country. Because of this we donated goods and clothing for those badly affected.
13. Graduated from the various classes in my church. I am so thankful for this because it made me a better person. I learned a lot especially about love.
14. Celebrated lots of good birthday parties plus mine!
15. Gone to movies by myself. Forever alone mode on.
16. Been able to lose a lot of weigh but, unfortunately, I gained some of them back. Oh well.
17. Purchased tickets for our Singapore trip next year! I’m so excited for this one!
18. Been emotional but I always end up happy. It’s not easy sometimes to live a life wherein you need to be selfless but at the end of the day I am happy because I know who I am serving. All for His glory.
19. Survived December 21. It’s not the end of the world dear reader.

Enjoy life dear readers! Live life as if it’s the end of the world.

Get excited for 2013!

Life is full of surprises, so better get ready.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Birthdays and Blessings

2012 is nearing its end and, I must say, it is a very wonderful year! It is a blast dear reader.

Its that year end thing again wherein all people are feeling nostalgic and remember all the blessings that they’ve received. Well it is a good way to end your year. Count your blessings and expect to exceed them the next year.

So I’m making a list. Why 2012 made me such a happy girl? Here they go…

Hmmm… Well, I could not remember any thing major now but I bet it was a blast even if I was still working and got no breaks. Haha.

Oh, I remember! I posted a new year greeting here and that was a start.

Ahhh, love month. No guys were involve which is actually fine by me because greater things are about to happen. One of my favorite highlights was when I went to UP Fair. It was at the night that was sponsored by Destiny Church Manila. It was awesome!

This was also the month that I told my boss that I am going to quit my job. Well done feb…

I submitted all my requirements for my application for my graduate studies. Yeay! It was also my last month as an employee. Bittersweet indeed.

This is summer already. I think I was always with my family going here and there. Me and my friends went to the beach too!

We celebrated my mother’s 60th birthday which means it was such a party and my family is complete. A big cheer for May!

Ok, I like June… a lot! This was my travel month. Me and my friends went to Cebu then a week later we went to Hong Kong! That was so fun!

I was admitted for graduate studies at UP Diliman. This was also the month of that first gruesome experience they call enrollment. Then there was also my “first day high” (first day of classes).

Here comes trouble… Oh no!!! Well….. I, for one, was not a big fan of July. Oh acads, why?

I moved in at new house! Hello Balay P6. Nice meeting you.

It was an ok month. Haha. I cannot remember anything about this month except for the fact that this was the month of my highest stats here at wordpress. Yeay for me!

Start of ber-months! It was a happy month. Fun.

At last! I was able to complete all of my requirements for my classes. Sad to tell that I dropped one of my subjects for that sem, sad but still happy that I did that. Haha. Grades are more than what I expected, pats myself on the head. I love ber-months!

I really really loved November! It was all fun fun fun fun and more fun! Haha. All the foods, family and friends that I was able to get was so wickedly awesome! I so love ber-months! Food galore!

What’s not to be thankful for? It is my birthday month! By default, this month is the winner! I love all the love and gifts I had receive. From simple heart warming birthday cards to a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 10″ and a new camera. Loving this month so much!

This year is so awesome that I cannot imagine what more could I expect for next year. But you know what they say, the best years are yet to come.

Thank you 2012, thank you so much!!!


Leaving July


These past few days are so much stressor for me. I hate them. And I am glad to say that, finally, I am leaving July. Good bye July, it is nice leaving you…

July was not my month, my week, nor my day. I guess I was so happy back in June that I was not able to prepare for the stress that July brought. First and foremost, there’s my academic stress. No, I’m not attending law school contrary to the picture above. I was just there to get a book about international law for one of my classes. The greatest stress my acads gave me was the first time I had the chance to report in class. It was a super failure. After it I told myself that “hey, that’s alright. just bounce back”. But I was just kidding myself. I let my insecurities wallow me up and I ended up depressed and not able to function to do other stuff required of me. Second… c’mon now, I don’t think there’s a need to discuss the second or other things, the first one was enough for me.

Good thing it was Sunday yesterday. With a lot of help and friends I know now that my mind is on the right track again. I am positive again. I learned, again, that I am a winner. I am victorious! Thank you Destiny.

At the end of the day though, I am still glad in leaving July…

Growing Up?

I found out, recently, that I was indeed growing up. And let me tell you dear reader how painful it was sometimes. Looking back at my work experience it boggles the mind how I was able to survive those days. Really! So I guess I, indeed, grew up!

Looking back at my teenage self, which I am not anymore, I saw her as a person with strong beliefs (may it be right or not). But as far as  having a strong set of beliefs I believe I lacked actions to go with it. Nowadays, I am resetting my beliefs and I think I am strengthening my new beliefs by my actions. With everything that had happened this year and the last I can honestly and proudly say that I have matured. Boring as the word maybe it is the truth.

I am now on the process of changing residence and I am going to have my own room again. I am happy with this decision. Next year or almost end of this year I am planning of getting a job again while taking my graduate classes. I have reduced tears that are induced by small nonsensical things. I am doing a lot of things and will be doing a lot more. I experienced a lot of things this year and all those experience made me stronger and more matured. Thank you experience, you made me this

I let you in a secret dear reader… being mature is a choice.


Loving Yourself

A little boy was overheard talking to himself as he strode through his backyard, baseball cap in place and toting ball and bat. “I’m the greatest baseball player in the world,” he said proudly. Then he tossed the ball in the air, swung and missed. Undaunted, he picked up the ball, threw it into the air and said to himself, “I’m the greatest player ever!” He swung at the ball again, and again he missed. He paused a moment to examine bat and ball carefully. Then once again he threw the ball into the air and said, “I’m the greatest baseball player who ever lived.” He swung the bat hard and again missed the ball.

“Wow!” he exclaimed. “What a pitcher!”

This was a story I’ve read today from Chicken Soup for the Soul. Loving yourself nowadays might seem so hard for us to do. First and foremost we are not little kids anymore, we do not see the world in rose-colored glasses anymore. You see this kid dear reader, he is very resilient. Why does failures need to hold us back? Get back up dear reader and continue the race! Second, we do not proclaim kind words at ourselves anymore. Why is it so hard to tell yourself that you are pretty with no BUTS? I’m pretty but, I’m so sexy but, I’m good but, I’m fine but… stop focusing on your BUTS. Starting today, when you wake up declare something good about yourself. Tell yourself today “Hey look you, you’re so pretty!” Third, he did not compared himself with others. He said that he was the greatest baseball player ever. Stop comparing yourself from others, you are the best you and the worst somebody else. Lastly, he saw an alternative. Nobody’s perfect and the sooner you accept that fact the sooner you are to being perfect. Hmmm, confused? Me too, but it does makes sense! He might have failed at batting the ball be he never failed as a pitcher. See your strength dear reader. May it be that you are square shaped and trying to fit yourself in a circle shaped hole? Stop that dear reader. We all have talents and skills. We are so different from one another. Maybe, you are a great pitcher and you just don’t realize it…

Love yourself dear reader… and smile.

An Account on Being Nice

How nice is the word “nice”? Some would say, how quaint. Are you nice? Or is it an effort to be nice?

A small word for something that can go a long way. It seems that nowadays being nice is an extra effort for all of us. How can we be nice when prices are all going up? How can we be nice amidst traffic jams and city pollution? How can we be nice when we are suffering from being heart broken? How can we be nice, we’re busy! …and all that jazz.

One day while I was eating at a famous fast food chain one of their crew was doing a survey. He went to different table to ask people some of their time and to no avail nobody said yes. Then he noticed me, that I was already finished eating, and ask me if he can conduct the survey. I said yes. He asked me things and stuff, it took us less than 5 minutes. Now dear reader, that was being nice. No effort needed! He did not ask me to do extraneous activities so why not say yes? He asks people when they’re already done eating so why not say yes? The survey is no way near rocket science so why not say yes? Being nice is not an extra effort it is, actually, a natural thing.

As the survey ended he asked me to stay put and wait for my FREE dessert. Be nice.