Sunday Scribbles

Sunday drabbles rain is falling… *sighs* How I wish I am holding a cup of hot chocolate right now and reading a brand new book. That would be a good rainy night. Since I don’t have chocolate near me I have thought of using this time on hmmm, babbling. Lol. Here it goes dear reader.

Lessons that I’ve learned, the uses and differences between:
you’re and your
it’s and its
with regard and with regards
the china and china (lol)
your blog tone and the academic paper tone
Aaah, dear reader. Let me make it clear to you that there’s a difference…

Places I want to visit:
Coron, Palawan
Wizarding World of Harry Potter
But I can settle for Singapore, well, at least for this year!

Books I want to read:
new book of JK Rowling
3rd installment of the series by Julia Quinn
complete series of The Title of This Book is Secret
I adore books.

Drabbles. Shorties. Nothing to say in a very comprehensive manner so be satisfied with words instead of real sentences. Good night.