Why Should We Dream?

It was like that perfect scene in your mom’s favourite afternoon drama when this client of our’s (at work) said “It’s hard to have a son who always dream…” Ah, dear reader… I must say I was momentarily struck. I just smiled at her. Then, later, on my way home I reviewed what she said. And I, as always with society, don’t agree with her.

The first thing that came to my mind (on the way home, it was a long ride reader) was that Dreamers change the world. The dreamers are the one to change the world, the visionaries change the world. Inventions and innovations came from them. Would you disagree?

It’s a sad day in earth when a person who has still the ability to breathe air and has a perfect functioning brain loses his capacity to dream. What kind of human are we if we don’t dream? A sad pathetic loveless one. The most tragic thing that can happen to a person is not to die but to live a life without dreams.

It’s not hard to dream reader. It’s even free. Dream every dream you can dream of. Dreaming is the meaning of life. Turn your dreams into visions. Let your visions be the map of your life. Achieve your visions! Claim your wishes! Make your dreams come true! Dream to your heart’s desire and inherit the world…