Fallin’ for Fall

It was the autumn equinox last September 22. Now, dear reader, we will have equal time of day and night. Our days will be shorter from now on. I’ve always love that. This always happen during the bermonths. This means for me that, indeed, Christmas is near. Plus, colder nights are coming. Change is in the air.

Last Thursday, in class, we were talking about how people or groups of people will change their mind during the next few years. An example given to us by our professor was the perception of the Catholics here in the Philippines towards the proposed Reproductive Health Bill. It was discussed in class that in a few years to come their perception to the bill will change, they will eventually be more accepting of it. I’m not here to talk about the RH bill but let’s focus on the word change. From our discussion it was really clear that change would be the only constant thing in this world.

I love changes. I fear them but I always want them to happen. Eventually, my fears will die and excitement will won over. I cannot live without changes. I’m addicted to it. I feel constrained without any changes in my life, from major to minor things. I could wait for major changes but I’m always itching for small changes. Hair styles, clothes, accessories, traveling, studying, diet, and a lot more. I’m addicted to change.

One thing about change is hmmm… changes. It is wonderful to see how things evolve. It is amazing to watch the changes that are brought upon things. What’s more wonderful is seeing the process of change. Like that RH bill debate, whatever the outcome would be, I have seen the process of the changes it will bring. In a sense, I’m a part of it. Being part of the changes…

I’m falling for fall. It will bring extraordinary changes in my life. I could just feel it. I just hope that it would be great.