Entry for Love Month 2017

How time flies, it’s the Love Month already. As always, I’ll try a series of post for this month. Been doing this since I started blogging in 2007 (I think). Haha! So for my first entry… here’s a flash fiction that’s been bugging me for a while now. Btw, it’s in Filipino.

“Thank you, guys! Please wait for our second set later…” pagbaba ng banda patuloy pa rin ang pagpapatutog nila ng love songs. Pebrero na kasi. 

“Uy Michael kamusta trabaho? Tagal mo na dyan. Napromote ka na?” tanong ni Jude. 

“Di pa nga, pare. Pag ako nagsawang maghintay…bahala sila! Hahaha!” birong sagot naman ni Michael. “Ikaw Karla? Ikaw din Jen? Dami mo atang sideline ngayon ah.” 

Sabay-sabay kaming napatingin kay Jen at tumawa dahil siguro kilalang-kilala namin siya. 

“Huy Karla paabot naman nung tissue” pakiusap ni Jen. Sa pag-abot ko napansin kong parang kanina pa balisa si Red. Ano kayang tumatakbo sa isip niya? Trabaho din kaya? Sana. 

“Yosi lang ako sa labas…” paalam ni Red. 

“Akala ko ba umuwi si Red sa kanila? Bakit andito na agad siya?” usisa ni Jen. 

“Baka may tinatakasan…” sagot ni Jude.

“Ang sabihin mo ‘di alam ang pupuntahan! Hahaha!” balik ni Jen at natawa silang lahat. Tama siya. Laging magulo si Red. 

“Uy Karla may bago kang tattoo? Anong design? Saan mo pinalagay? Patingin! Dali!” sigaw ni Jen. 

“Uhmm… dito lang sa may gilid. Eto oh… it’s an anchor.” sagot ko. 


Ending Love Month

Few days ago, for some weird reason, I made my finger bled. As I reflect on my finger during the night, it reminded me of Sleeping Beauty. Ah dear reader, how lucky is that girl? In this year can we be sleeping beauties? Can we be as lucky as her? Can prince charming kiss us without us pricking our fingers?

How lucky is Sleeping Beauty? Well she’s lucky because all she needed to do was sleep. Nowadays only few can afford to do that. Not sleep literally… I mean, there’s only few out there that needs not to exert any effort to catch a prince. It seems everyone’s busy applying their make up on and buying the latest fashions. Then when all the props were on them they need now fake smiles, poor pick up lines, and over used body language. Can girls just relax?

I don’t think that the world is thinning on its supply of prince charmings. So chill. Just apply the tiniest make up, put on your most comfortable clothes, and speak in the language of human… And all, then, will fall into the right place. Sometimes, men act like toads instead of prince charmings because women act like plastic barbies instead of real princesses. Be a princess! That’s your identity, a princess…

Dear reader, how time flies… Love month, it seems, is ending so near.

Love Month: Day 8

Oh ok so I missed so many days… So sue me! Hello Day 8 of the love month and I’m finding you, abnormally, peaceful. Although, I’m not sure if that is good or bad. Hello there.

These past few days I find myself hoarding books. I have this incessant fear of going out of books to read. Well, if you know me you can say that I’m a bit of an escapist and I escape through books. I guess I’m hoarding books these past few days because I’m a little bit sad. Depressed more likely (if you’re on the emo side). So earlier, on my way to a bookstore, I told myself to stop. Not to stop reading… But to stop escaping my sadness through them. It’s time to face the music.

I smell Change in the air. It’s coming and I don’t have any powers to stop it. If I can, I won’t. I’ve been waiting for Change for quite some time now. I welcome Change. Hello Change, it’s me… the girl who looks stoically wrong in your presence.

Love Month: Day 2

Hmmm… I just realised that it is a leap year. One extra day for this year. What are you gonna do with it? With whom you are going to spend it? It’s a lovely thought, right? One extra day in your life for this year.

Day 2 in the love month and guess what! My lovely love life stays, sadly, the same…. Zero. I guess it’s not that easy to find love, whether true or lust, these days. How do you attract the opposite sex readers? Tell me. I do believe that you have the answers for me.

I guess I’ll be spending this valentine’s season with friends that are also single. But hey! There’s always next year to spend it with your true love. But then again why wait for next year when you can spend next month with the one you’re in love with. My wish (yes, upon a star) is that you reader and me will have a blast this coming valentine’s day regardless with who we are that day. My second wish is that sooner rather than later, we find ourselves in the arms of a person we are so in love with. That must be nice dear reader?

What’s your plan this upcoming valentine’s day dear reader?

Love Month: Day 1

Oh dear Lord, is it really February already? And we all know what this means right? Yes, how astute you are dear reader if you know that this is the Love Month. It’s that month whether you love humanity or you just simply can’t stand it. Ahh, it’s the month for looooOooveee.

Alas dear reader this is also the month that bugs are so prevalent in every corner of the world. These bugs, no matter how much bug spray you use, wouldn’t die so easily. Be wary of these bugs reader for they don’t bite you in bed they bite you directly into your hearts. Ahh, the mystery of love bugs.

These bugs could either bring you so much happiness or so much pain. I hope, dear reader, that you will experience the former. I guess you could achieve that IF both of you were bitten. And the latter is achieved when YOU are the only one bitten. Ahh, the joys and pains of one-sided love.

Get ready for these bugs people! They won’t stop until they have bitten every marriage-able people on earth. Be armed with endless smiles and captivating charms! Get ready to fall in love in this month of love readers. Get ready for everything for these bugs are nothing if not tenacious.

Hello Love Month, we are so ready for you…