Eiga Sai: Happy Flight

It is the annual Eiga Sai again and this year I was able to watch, albeit, just one movie out of the ten. I was able to watch “Happy Flight” by Shinobu Yaguchi with my friends from college! How fun it was dear reader! I love spending my time with my friends and this was quality time. Eiga Sai, in the simplest term, is a Japanese film fest. I am happy that we were able to watch “Happy Flight”. It is a good film and indeed it was a flight that will make you happy…


I like movies like this, multiple protagonist withΒ satisfyingΒ ending for everyone… happy endings. What a day it was for Flight no. 1980! I think I fell in love with all the characters especially “miss sunshine” and the mechanic boy. Do not expect me for names of the characters, the whole film is in Japanese and I did not focus on names when I am reading the sub-titles. What I like most about the film was that everyone grew because of that one flight. They all have gotten their hearts desire… what is more joyful than that? You just can’t help but root for everyone of them! All of them are also so contagious, they were all so happy that, after the movie and some hours, I can’t help but smile. I highly recommend this movie for everyone, definitely not to be missed.