Happy Hong Kong Tales Part 2

As promised, here is the second part of my Hong Kong blog. What did we do and how did we do it?

First, the tickets! We were able to buy during a Seat Sale of Cebu Pacific Airlines. We bought the tickets around October and our flight was on June the next year. We got them for only less than 5k! After buying the ticket, we realized that we got so much time to plan out our trip. So to “save” money or to feel like we’re saving money, we decided to buy other things in separate months. Because of this, we did not felt our expenses at all!

Happy faces while waiting for boarding! 🙂

Second, the accommodations! It was going to be my fourth time already and my last time was fairly recent. I choose where we are going to stay. We stayed at Dragon Hostel (Sincere Guest House) which is just near Mong Kok Station. This is where we stayed last time and the location is very good. I highly recommend this area! It is just near Ladies Market and Langham Place. It is the perfect area for people who wants to shop for cheap shoes and gadgets. We booked this area around March already. We got it for less than 1k per person per night. I bet you could get it cheaper if you can book earlier!

DSCF0036 (2)
Happy Lianne because we keep on booking cheap! LOL 

Third, the attractions and activities! Where to buy? Klook, of course. We first bought HK Disneyland tickets. If you’re familiar with Klook, it best to remember that after your first purchase they usually send you discount vouchers for activities in the same area. Next, we bought Peak Tram tickets. Then we bought Lantau Island day tour. Lastly, we bought sim cards from Klook using the points I’ve earned from my last travel. Others would suggest that you buy an Octopus card but we didn’t because MTR tickets are very easy to buy from each station and the lines are very easy to navigate.

DSCF0137 (2)
Happiest kids at the happiest place on Earth! Disneyland!!!
Slinky! Did you noticed our shirts? 😉
Ngong Pin 360! Best way to view Hong Kong.
Clear skies. Majestic gates.
Still wasn’t able to reach the top. I still have a good view though.

Last, the final itinerary! Because of flight changes by our airlines, our trip got extended and our flight hours were more convenient. Pro-tip number one, check-in online! This will save you time and lines for web check-in are usually shorter. Pro-tip number two, the internet is your friend. Check out blogs to finalize your itinerary. Plan out your trips but be flexible, things would not always go as planned. Since we would arrive at lunch, we scheduled the Peak Tram on our first day because we could still fit it in and it is not an exhausting activity. Disneyland was for the next day because we know that we’re gonna be rested enough to enjoy it the whole day. Third day is for Lantau Island. Fourth day is just for random roaming around the city. Fifth day, was our flight back to Manila. Every night we were able to go the market and shop a little. Because our activities were already paid for, all the money we brought was spent on food, transpo, and shopping. I didn’t brought a lot of money because I have no plans on shopping. If you’re planning on making “tipid” more, then bring food! “Mag-baon” ka. There’s no harm in making “tipid”.

Victoria Harbour
Random pictures. Structures. Following Ciara. LOL!
Find focal points. Pieces of art around the city.

While planning this, I’ve realized something. As a traveler, my priorities changed. In the past, it’s more about finding the cheapest promos of fares and activities. It’s also more about doing 100 things at a time. Now, I’ve realized that comfort has a price and that I’m more than willing to spend for it. Also, I’ve learned that phasing is important. Quality and not quantity. My body and energy can’t keep up anymore if I’ll plan 100 things at a time. I need to strategically limit the activities that I want to do. And that’s totally fine. I don’t need to do everything in one go. Positively thinking, we can always go back! But it’s a different rule for “pasalubongs” to oneself. LOL. If you saw something that you want, don’t deny yourself too much. It’s okay to splurge! Budgeting differs when you’re on a trip.

Food trip is a must in every travel!
Down times or relaxing moments are important to have.

Ultimate pro-tip, don’t forget to enjoy. Breathe. Chill. Explore. Do what you went there for! Think positively, don’t invite negatives vibes. Speak only positive things. Declare positive situations regardless of what you may hear. Fill your thoughts of positive outcomes. Take time to feel your surroundings. Be thankful. Feel the favor upon you. Be grateful. Appreciate even the smallest things. Enjoy!

Happiness is a choice. Always choose it.

Capturing Cambodia

Told ya I love alliteration for titles, haha. A problem with late posts is that you tend to forget details about what you are writing and since I’m not that OC to jot down details, well…… you can use the internet to supply for the missing information.

Welcome to the historical place of Siem Reap, Cambodia. They say that it’s the oldest civilization in south east asia and its very historical past makes it very colorful place. Most of the people here can understand English very well, which makes communication better, but they also speak some Cambodian dialect and French (some signage there have French translation). Welcome to the place of the Khmers. Sounds familiar? Probably. I guess their tales of war, devastation and survival are ones of the well known. I suggest that you watch Killing Fields to know and understand more about the history of Cambodia and its people. Its nice to see that even after what happened to them they showed that, indeed, life goes on. So, join me! Let’s go and capture Cambodia.

I must say that this is the CHEAPEST out of the country travel I ever had. For this travel I was with my mom, my friend Abi and her mom. We bought the tickets in May and our travel date was last June. Tickest are way cheap, at least we need more than two months to score cheap airline tickets but with this one we got lucky. Then, the issue of accomodation. The best way to search and book for your hotel is with Expedia (available for Apple and Android). I soooo love using it. It is so addicting! Anyhoos, the hotel that we have chosen was the Angkor Spirit Palace. It was amazing. It’s not really a hotel so that’s why there’s only few rooms. The place is an old heritage cultural house and they kept their interior very Khmer and Hinduistic. The place itself is already a tourist attration. With free breakfast for our 3 days stay we only pay less than $120 dollars, that’s like we’re only $30 dollars each, $10 per day. WOW!

Angkor Spirit Palace

They also have the best pool in town, no kidding! Just look for the reviews about their pool.

Best hotel pool ever!

Like what I’ve said earlier I suck with details. You can learn more from my friend Abi when she post her own take of our travel. All hotels in Siem Reap offers tours and packages, so better take advantage of the front desk! For all of our tours we always rent the tuk tuk for the whole day which will only cost you $25. Another tip for travelling here is that you need to pack your sunblock lotions and have an umbrella so that you’re ready for all types of weather. Well, June is the end of summer so expect some drizzles if you’re heading here this time of the year.

For our first day, we went to the Floating Village, then to Angkor National Museum which have fantastic galleries then we went and enjoyed a lot with the Cambodian Cultural Village (highly recommended). Then we spent our night at Pub Street and Night Market. Our second day is the temple tour, you need to be there around 4am to be able to catch the sunrise in Angkor Wat. I think there are at least 7 major temples/ruins there. You might need to spend a two days or three to take in everything! It is a sight to be remembered. It was so magical that I can easily believe that it was aliens that made it. Unfortunately, during our visit most of the temples are being reconstructed and that’s why we’re not able to roam around much. For our final day we spent it with the old Pagodas and the various Artisans Angkor around Siem Reap and haggling for the best prices at the Old Market. We always spend our nights at Pub Street and Night Market (best place to buy your pasalubongs). I enjoyed Cambodia a lot, from its best tasting coffee up to the warm smiles of people. This is really a very special place to visit…

Angkor Wat
Tah Phrom
Stone carvings
One of those amazing temples which I forgot the name
Mama and me 🙂

With all those walks we sure are hearty eaters and food here is also cheap but nonetheless very yummy! One of the best resto here is the Blue Pumpkin. I’ve heard they sell bugs and exotic food on the streets here and, luckily, I didn’t encountered any.

Me in front of the Blue Pumpkin
Sweet macaroons
Spicy Chicken, love it!
More food!

Some more captured memories from Cultural Village…

Replica village
Wax museum
Peacock dance

Some good finds at the Night Market…

Tiny turtles
Elephant mobile
Vintage finds 🙂

Some sweets and eye candies (there are lots of these here!)…

A very chocolatey cake
I do prefer coke more than pepsi! Haha

Meet the people I was with…

Tita Aida at the Silk Farm with Kry
With Abi at the Blue Pumpkin
Our tuk tuk ride
Abi, Tita Aida, Mama and Me

So there it is! Dear reader, what have you captured lately?

Floating village 🙂