Flipping Your Cardboard

“Forget past mistakes. Forget failures. Forget everything except what you’re going to do now & do it.”

We are everything we see around us. When we were young we dreamt so high and we felt that nothing could stop us. As we grew old our dreams flew lower and lower as years passed. Why? Why can’t we believe anymore that our dreams can truly come to terms with reality?

Maybe because we see ourselves someone not deserving. How do you see yourself? Are you… A liar, arrogant, prideful, guilty, ugly, fat, stupid, poor, immoral, bitch, slut, bastard, asshole, war freak, alcoholic, chain smoker, drug addict, rebellious son, school drop out, broken family, shit, self centered, had an abortion, lame, loner, fake, all that is bad, simply you?

What if I tell you that you’re not that anymore? Last night was not you anymore. What if there was a love so great that all of these stuff is not you anymore, that you are truly forgiven? What if there was someone so powerful that anything you want, despite any past you had, will be provided for you? There is. He is so great that last night wasn’t you anymore. He is so magnanimous that He can forgive anything you’ve done. Search for Him dear reader…

What was your dream? You can achieve it.

We will shine like stars in the universe…. Exploding into life like a Supernova’s light…