Growing Up?

I found out, recently, that I was indeed growing up. And let me tell you dear reader how painful it was sometimes. Looking back at my work experience it boggles the mind how I was able to survive those days. Really! So I guess I, indeed, grew up!

Looking back at my teenage self, which I am not anymore, I saw her as a person with strong beliefs (may it be right or not). But as far as Β having a strong set of beliefs I believe I lacked actions to go with it. Nowadays, I am resetting my beliefs and I think I am strengthening my new beliefs by my actions. With everything that had happened this year and the last I can honestly and proudly say that I have matured. Boring as the word maybe it is the truth.

I am now on the process of changing residence and I am going to have my own room again. I am happy with this decision. Next year or almost end of this year I am planning of getting a job again while taking my graduate classes. I have reduced tears that are induced by small nonsensical things. I am doing a lot of things and will be doing a lot more. I experienced a lot of things this year and all those experience made me stronger and more matured. Thank you experience, you made me this

I let you in a secret dear reader… being mature is a choice.