Happy Teachers’ Day

Let me greet you a Happy Teachers’ Day! Today is that day dear reader when teachers are celebrated around the world. They deserve it and more. I bet it is hard to be a teacher no matter how old your students are, how big the groups are, or how nice the kids are. It is really a profession. It takes more than heart to be a teacher. You also need to be strong and knowledgeable. You also have to have guts. I am glad that in my lifetime I am able to encounter such persons. I am glad that I was taught by them…

I have my favorite teachers. The first one would be my teacher back in kindergarten days. She’s dead now and that fact is really sad. She’s one of the best teacher. 25 years of serving the same school as a teacher for kindergartens, 3 classes per day, ages varies between 3 years old to 6 years old. What is the best thing about her? All her students learn discipline in an early age. I don’t know how she does that. She never shouted at us… ever. I like her and nobody hated her. Then there’s elementary. All of my teachers are nice so it hard to pick a favorite. I love them all, elementary was very utopic. In high school my favorite would be our third year class advisor which is also our teacher in Chemistry. She was strict let me tell you. She is known as a “terror” in the whole school. She might seem scary at times but I love her. She taught me more than Chemistry. She taught our whole class to be responsible. She taught our whole class to be more united. She taught our whole class the meaning of forgiving and giving thanks. There was a quote that she really likes and it goes

The more you go up the more you should stay down.

Don’t you just love her? Then college came. Oh dear reader, how I love college years! I could think of many great teacher in college. There’s my professor in Romance, then my professor in American Cinema, my professor in Gender etc etc etc. There are a lot. One of them is my professor in Philosophy. She’s my favorite because not only was she so funny but she helped a lot. Of course I disagree with a lot of things that she discussed in class, mainly because I’m theist and she’s an atheist, but nonetheless she helped me to be a decent person. She was the one to tell me that I was responsible for all of my actions. It was such nonsense for me at first but that taught me how to grow up… She made me see things that I was so blinded about before. I love her for that. Now, in my graduate studies, well….. They are all great. Last Tuesday my prof said this thing about

Not because it is hard you will not do it.

A ‘realist’ at his finest.

So there. Those are my favorite teachers dear reader. Who are yours?