Money and Cakes

Money can’t buy you happiness.

Honestly… it can. I don’t want to sound materialistic or something worse but money can give you happiness. Sometimes or most of the time we are happy because of the things that money enabled us to have.

Last week I bought a pair of shoes and it made me happy. Last weekend I ate at this restaurant and it made me happy. Then I have these gadgets that makes me happy. I have all these pretty clothes that makes me happy. The travels I’ve done that makes me happy. All of these things are brought to me by money.

So, I guess we can really buy our happiness. If you’re sad or feeling a little low, you’re lucky if you have money. It’s ok to be idealistic once in a while. It’s ok to be simple but honestly speaking money does provides us the enjoyment we yearn for.

Ah dear reader, what happiness would you buy?