An Account on Being Nice

How nice is the word “nice”? Some would say, how quaint. Are you nice? Or is it an effort to be nice?

A small word for something that can go a long way. It seems that nowadays being nice is an extra effort for all of us. How can we be nice when prices are all going up? How can we be nice amidst traffic jams and city pollution? How can we be nice when we are suffering from being heart broken? How can we be nice, we’re busy! …and all that jazz.

One day while I was eating at a famous fast food chain one of their crew was doing a survey. He went to different table to ask people some of their time and to no avail nobody said yes. Then he noticed me, that I was already finished eating, and ask me if he can conduct the survey. I said yes. He asked me things and stuff, it took us less than 5 minutes. Now dear reader, that was being nice. No effort needed! He did not ask me to do extraneous activities so why not say yes? He asks people when they’re already done eating so why not say yes? The survey is no way near rocket science so why not say yes? Being nice is not an extra effort it is, actually, a natural thing.

As the survey ended he asked me to stay put and wait for my FREE dessert. Be nice.