Thoughts on Teaching

More than a profession, teaching is a calling. Some might have forgotten it because of things that happen beyond their control. May it be what is required of the job, family concerns, money problems, or even politicking. Some might have forgotten what it really means to teach. The values, as a teacher, that we should always have. What we should stand for…

So, here are some of my thoughts on teaching.

My Two Cents (or should I say piso?) on Teaching:

Teaching is not for someone who wants POWER,
It’s for someone who wants to EMPOWER.
It is not for someone who wants FOLLOWERS,Β 
But for someone who wants to create LEADERS.
It’s not for someone who seeks VALIDATION,
But for someone who can give AFFIRMATION freely.
It’s not for someone who is UNCARING,
But for someone who can be STRICT out of love and discipline.
It’s not for someone who wants to get RICH fast,
But for someone who knows how to be RESOURCEFUL when the going gets ‘tight’.
Lastly, teaching is not for those who are QUIET with their convictions. It’s for those who stay TRUE to their convictions, no matter what.Β 

How about you? No matter who you are, what’s your thought on teaching? Who are the people that should be teaching? What kind of values should they have?

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A Suspension and A Series


Remember the good old days where our wishes were this simple? Sana walang pasok bukasΒ (I wish that classes would be suspended). The desires of our hearts were as simple as a class suspension or even just a glimpse of your crush. As we grow older, our wishes becomes more complex than that. Would you wish that you still wish like this? Well, I don’t. I’m fine with my goals right now, no matter how mundane some are. Haha!

However, sometimes it’s good to have simple wishes. It would mean being satisfied with simple joys. It’s the innocence in us that believes that simple things will make this, or any other day, better. I guess it does! Maybe we need to step back and look at our lives. Maybe what we need right now are just simple things. We’re just too busy and too muddled to think about our problems that we overlook the power of simple things. Could it be that all we need today is just a hug? How about a whole day of just re-reading your favorite book? What about going to your favorite cafe and drinking a favorite? Or maybe a message from someone can make your day better? Perhaps binge watching a new series?

These things might not solve your problems but they might buy you time. Time for you to breathe. Time for you to relax your mind so you can think clearly. Time for you step back and look at your problems more rationally. Maybe, just maybe, all you need is a breather.

Since I got free time today, what to do? Watch a new series! Hello Mindhunter, nice to meet you!

Mindhunter = Mindf*ck

When March is Still Love Month

This is month is actually more of my love month rather than the last one. I learned many things about love this month. Not just about the love that we see in the movies or read in books but about real and the right love. Something about that kind of love is.

Real love follows

… it is also obedient. Real love also knows no limits and it forgives. Real love is selflessness.

Another thing about March that made it my love month is that, me together with my friends were able to attend RnR 2013 by Destiny Church Manila. That’s Romance and Rhythm! It is very lovely indeed. Also, this is also the month wherein two of my favorite people celebrated their birthday! Their birthdays made me streched my heart plus I can say that I was able to do things for their birthdays that I haven’t done before.

March made me realize that I love what I’m doing. I love studying! I love my courses this semester and that’s why I’m happily taking up my masteral’s degree.

I love studying but I also do appreciate breaks! Haha. Which leads me to a new love that I found. I lost a love this month (I found out that my celebrity crush is gay) but I also found a new (relatively) one. He is none other than Ed Westwick! Haha. I know, I know… but because of the movie I saw it made me appreciate him more since he was able to use his lovely sexy Brit accent!

New love!

Since we’re talking about goodbyes and hellos let’s say goodbye to my long affair with curls and say hello to my new lovely summer hair. Yeay for us!

Hello shorter hair

March is really lovely. However, saying goodbye to an old love is not that easy but it is possible. Sometimes we tend to hold on to the wrong kind of love. Most of the time it is because we cannot forgive ourselves and therefore we think that the only kind of love that we deserve is the wrong one. That’s wrong though. All of us deserve the real and the right kind of love. They say that time heals all wounds. False.

Time cannot heal wounds

Wounds are healed when we learn how to accept and to forgive…

So dear reader choose to love this month! Love others and love yourself!

I am so excited for the upcoming months! I get kilig and so excited just thinking that there are more months for 2013! Haha. Remember dear reader, just love.

I love you! πŸ™‚

Sweet November

Oh November you are so sweet! If I knew you were going to be this sweet, I could have wished for you harder. Oh well…

My November started eerily alive. Well, here in the Philippines we celebrate like the “day of the dead” during the first of this month. I love it. Many of my relatives came to town and I ate a lot… like a lot. The first week of November was gastronomically satisfying. Mmmmm, yummm….

This month was also the month to start my second semester which implies that I have been successful with my first. Hello graduate studies we meet again. The enrollment was (I highly hoped that I can be optimistic but…) still the same grotesque bureaucracy that makes little sense. Anyway… I am still optimistic that it will eventually improve.

So far November has been more than nice and I’m really thankful for that. I am looking forward for the rest of it. I’m going to take up language classes too! And I’m going to visit museums and try cultural things for one of my class! November seems so sweet.


Happy Teachers’ Day

Let me greet you a Happy Teachers’ Day! Today is that day dear reader when teachers are celebrated around the world. They deserve it and more. I bet it is hard to be a teacher no matter how old your students are, how big the groups are, or how nice the kids are. It is really a profession. It takes more than heart to be a teacher. You also need to be strong and knowledgeable. You also have to have guts. I am glad that in my lifetime I am able to encounter such persons. I am glad that I was taught by them…

I have my favorite teachers. The first one would be my teacher back in kindergarten days. She’s dead now and that fact is really sad. She’s one of the best teacher. 25 years of serving the same school as a teacher for kindergartens, 3 classes per day, ages varies between 3 years old to 6 years old. What is the best thing about her? All her students learn discipline in an early age. I don’t know how she does that. She never shouted at us… ever. I like her and nobody hated her. Then there’s elementary. All of my teachers are nice so it hard to pick a favorite. I love them all, elementary was very utopic. In high school my favorite would be our third year class advisor which is also our teacher in Chemistry. She was strict let me tell you. She is known as a “terror” in the whole school. She might seem scary at times but I love her. She taught me more than Chemistry. She taught our whole class to be responsible. She taught our whole class to be more united. She taught our whole class the meaning of forgiving and giving thanks. There was a quote that she really likes and it goes

The more you go up the more you should stay down.

Don’t you just love her? Then college came. Oh dear reader, how I love college years! I could think of many great teacher in college. There’s my professor in Romance, then my professor in American Cinema, my professor in Gender etc etc etc. There are a lot. One of them is my professor in Philosophy. She’s my favorite because not only was she so funny but she helped a lot. Of course I disagree with a lot of things that she discussed in class, mainly because I’m theist and she’s an atheist, but nonetheless she helped me to be a decent person. She was the one to tell me that I was responsible for all of my actions. It was such nonsense for me at first but that taught me how to grow up… She made me see things that I was so blinded about before. I love her for that. Now, in my graduate studies, well….. They are all great. Last Tuesday my prof said this thing about

Not because it is hard you will not do it.

A ‘realist’ at his finest.

So there. Those are my favorite teachers dear reader. Who are yours?


Terrific Tuesday

Despite the title above, well I just used the word Terrific to counter what I have been feeling. Dear good vibes, I invite you.

Another scribbled post, I guess. Let’s start with the topic of being a hypochondriac. I’m being paranoid. But this coming long weekend I will definitely get myself checked. Really. Hope it’s nothing serious.

Serious. Well I got to finish thirty annotated bibliography and I only have finished seven. My prof is serious about his deadline which is on thursday. This thursday. Oh school…

Speaking of school I have a report later. Good luck to me. I hope everything will go on smoothly.

So there. Terrific Tuesday indeed.


I want these steps when I have my own house.

Wearing My Red Flat Shoes

Last Wednesday was the first day of enrolment at University of the Philippines Diliman. Ah, dear reader… I never had any idea that it would be like that. Well, first and foremost, I want to announce and congratulate myself on my admission to their Masters in International Studies program (UN here I come). That’s my reason for being at UP that day. The memoirs of Bonaparte, Gen. McArthur, and Private Ryan have nothing compared to the horrors of that day…

Ok, maybe that’s a little bit exaggerated reader but I wasn’t prepared for anything like that. In my past experiences of enrolment all of them are smooth sailing and hassle free. Good thing that I wore my red flat shoes. I’m so grateful in that decision because I felt that I walked all day round. I walked, walked, walked and walked. Oh, and did I mentioned the heat?

Anyway, putting aside my woes and sufferings I can still say that I had a blessed day. Well, first, I was able to finished my enrolment. Starting from zero enlisted subjects to having 9 units then there’s the bloody path of validation, assessment, and payment. All of that torture in just one day! Second, I made new friends. This might be the best part of the day. I truly enjoyed eating lunch with them and I acknowledge that without them I wouldn’t be able to complete my enrolment or worse I’ll end up crying in a corner looking very much defeated with the school’s system.

With this kind of situation, referring to the enrolment, you need to be always positive. Think positive and that’s what going to happen. Second, be prepared. Have water and music at hand. Third, wear flats ladies. Lastly, make new friends. Smile and everything will follow…